The iPad Turns 10

The Year Was 2010 Early January. I had relocated in beautiful Lyon, France for a couple of months. Rumours of a tablet device already circulated for years so once Apple announced that it would hold a special event later that month pretty much everyone knew what to expect. At least I was one with high […]

My LG UltraFine 5K Display Review

Well, I’ve annoyed my Twitter followers a lot those past few weeks so I’d better write a review! I like having a one computer setup. For years, I had a Retina MacBook Pro attached a Thunderbolt Display and that worked quite well. Then in 2014, Apple announced the iMac 5K – I just had to get that […]

Ten Years

January 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of being an independent developer. It all started in August 2006, when I got laid off by my employer and found another job that turned out to be very bad for me. So bad that I thought I would end up with a nervous breakdown so I had to do something […]

Back to the Mac

Brent Simmons, UXKit Again I have no illusions that I can talk any iOS developers into Mac development. I will say that it’s fun, though, for a bunch of reasons. Your apps run on the same machine as your development environment. You have the freedom to distribute outside the app store. You have a chance to write […]


Peter Cohen, NSFW: Note to Apple: Innovation shouldn’t cost stability But Yosemite and iOS 8 are fraught with enough difficulties for enough users that I feel like neither of them are fully baked. There are so many reliability and stability issues with both OSes that at some point we cannot trust them anymore and that’s a shame because […]